Application to Work Personally with Julie Valentin
Hi, it's Julie Valentin, the author of Soul on Fire and coach for reclaiming your life after a life crisis explosion.

I help professional women reclaim their ‘who am I’ after a life changing shift to discover their true inner self and get you back on track with your passions in life.

On this page you’ll find the start of an application form to work with me personally as part of my Soul on Fire Foundations program.

This is only the beginning. From here I will email you a set of thought provoking and personal questions.

I am committed to getting 100% results for my clients in the success of rediscovering yourself and bring you back in alignment with your passions, including success in your next relationship and life’s work.

Two of the areas I will be asking you about in the application are:

1) Your aspirations - where you really want to be and

2) Your current reality -
what does your current picture look like for you.

Once we both share a clear picture that we are a great match, we can move forward. If we don’t match then we both move on to what is in alignment.  

I am being transparent here; I love working with and coaching women into their true selves and passions in life, and am looking for women who want that for themselves more than anything else in this world. There is no obligation in completing the application, we both have an opportunity to evaluate whether we match and both agree to move forward.  

Much Love!!
I will email you part two of the application shortly.
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